Friday, July 20, 2012

Dilly Dilly Rocks Chicopee!

Dilly Dilly Performs at Chickopee
Public Library for Level3 Reunited Tour
We thought it was hot in the South of France (where we are stranded for reasons you just cannot fathom), but nothing beat the temperatures in Chicopee, MA (in the good old USA) for the first stop on the Level3 Reunited Tour.

But that Dilly Dilly is so darn cool that I am sure the whole city took a sigh of relief as her tour van rolled into town (...without us).  Speaking of tour vans, we had a good laugh seeing Reunited readers driving the  Level3 Reunited Tour bus.  We had this awesome bus photo booth designed for the tour (thanks Marty Braun Design) and this is our first chance seeing the pics. 

YA librarian, Erin Daly (we are so bummed not to have met this groovy library chick!) said the photo booth, "really looks like it's on the road if you crop it right.  It's very cool!"  These readers look cool indeed.

According to librarian Erin Daly, teens at the Chicopee Public Library were way interested in Dilly Dilly's array of instruments (Epiphone Les Paul , bango, uke).  Dilly Dilly chatted with them a little during the performance and a lot afterwards.  The "lot afterwards" included a trip to Dilly Dilly's van where she gave a impromptu performance of "Silent Night" on the saw!  That's the girl we know and love.

Thank you Erin Daly!  Thanks Chicopee!  Mmm... Chicko-Peas. ;)